In 2004 the NSW State Government introduced the BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) legislation.

This Act was established to encourage sustainable residential development by reducing consumption of mains supplied potable water and and improve the thermal performance of a building.

The aim of the BASIX legislation in the Coffs Harbour area is to reduce the consumption of mains supplied potable water by 40%, therefore, requiring all new houses to have a Rainwater Tank.  The BASIX legislation also applies to substantial renovations/extensions and swimming pool installation.

This can be achieved by installing our 20,000 litre Inground Concrete Water Tank.  The Tank water is used  to flush the toilets, it’s used over the laundry tub and the washing machine, also all outdoor Water use.

The BENEFITS to you by installing a 20,000 litre inground Coolamon Concrete Tank:

Invisible Tank installation– The Tank can be buried under your lawn, or in a garden, or even under your garage floor.  There will be NO unsightly plastic Tank sitting beside your home, taking up valuable space.

Guilt free Water Usage – You can use your huge 20,000 litre Water supply, guilt free. You can set up a sprinkler (remember those) on your lawn, hose your driveway (without your neighbours giving you the evil eye), top up your pool, water the garden anytime and it’s all FREE!

Value adding to your home – The selling benefits of having an invisible 20,000 litre Inground Concrete Water Tank adds value to your home.

Cost Savings – You can save hundreds of dollars every year on your Water Usage.

Car Washing – Washing your car with rainwater doesn’t leave chlorine spots like is does from the chlorinated town Water, which is especially visible on dark coloured cars.

Boost your points towards your BASIX certificate by installing our 20,000 litre Tank.

The specifications of our standard medium duty 20,000 litre Tank, at a glance:

  • Diameter – 3600mm
  • Depth – 2270mm
  • Walls, floor and lid – 125mm thick
  • Concrete – 32mpa & Vibrated
  • Steel – F82 (Double layer in lid)
  • Piers – 1 central 125mm
  • Manhole – 450mm x 450mm

Our Super Heavy Duty Tank design is available to carry W8 (8 tonne) wheel load if required.


  • Richard and his crew built a 20,000 gallon Tank for rainwater for my house and a 10,000 gallon bushfire reserve tank as well.  Richard has great attention to details and answered all my queries in a professional manner.  With these tanks in place I have great water security for my home and as a member of the local Rural Fire Brigade, I understand the necessity of fire protecting my property for my families safety.  These tanks will last a lifetime and are a great investments for my property.


  • Our 90,000 litre tank is fantastic for washing our buses, as it leaves no streaking of spotting on our paintwork.  Water restrictions no longer effect our ability to clean our fleet and the best part is it’s free!

    Rex Williams

  • Richard turned up on the agreed start date, fully prepared with all OH&S systems in place.  Richard and his employees attitude to the job and others on site is excellent.  A job well done, on time and on budget.

    Col Davis

  • I just need to say that you are the best business I have ever dealt with for both your caring and your prompt customer service.

    Richard not only did you give up your valuable Sunday time to assist us in our need, but you refused to accept payment for the task and parts you supplied. I was happy to pay but now the only way I can show my gratitude for your excellent service is to write this email and offer you my sincere

    thank you to you and your family from the bottom of my heart. You are good people.

    Warm regards

    Jane & Trevor Butcher

  • Thankyou to both you and Richard & Co. for such a professional and painless experience.

    Love the new tank!

    Graham & Rebecca

  • Fantastic to watch – know their trade backwards.


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