Experience – Are you speaking with the Industry leader?

We are a second generation family owned and operated business since 1980 (over 37 years) and built around 3,000 Tanks.

Are the Tanks Engineer designed and do they comply with Australian Standards?

Our Tanks are Engineer designed and comply with the relevant Australian Standards AS3610 and AS3735.

How are the tanks built- what size steel, what strength concrete, what wall thickness, are there any joins, how many piers supporting the lid and are the tanks sealed with a waterproofing agent?

Our Standard 90,000 litre Tank is built with F82 steel mesh in the floor, a double layer in the roof and F818 in the walls, the concrete is 32mpa and vibrated, the concrete is 125mm thick, the tank is poured in one seamless pour with no joins between the wall and floor and finally they are sealed with a waterproofing agent designed for water tanks.

Do you they any testimonials from any customers?

We have dozens of testimonials (old and new) received over the past 37 years.

Finally ask yourself, am I sure that I am talking to an expert and this Tank will provide my family with a reliable, adequate and safe to drink water supply?

Finally, we will guarantee that you are speaking with the Industry leader and we will build you the most reliable Tank, as our history has proven.  We will give you our professional opinion on a size that will give you an adequate water supply to meet your need and our Tank will provide the safest drinking water for your family.

  • Thank you very much for the recent installation of our 20,000 litre in ground concrete water tank you built on site. It was a real pleasure to deal with you. Not only did you do what you said you would but you also did it in a friendly, professional, ethical and very efficient way. I was very impressed with your expertise and state of the art equipment which allowed you to construct a high quality tank in a relatively short time without fuss or disruption to the other construction works being carried out on site at the time. So thanks again and good luck in your business, but with over thirty years of plying your trade you probably don’t need luck.

    Peter & Krystyna

  • Richard turned up on the agreed start date, fully prepared with all OH&S systems in place.  Richard and his employees attitude to the job and others on site is excellent.  A job well done, on time and on budget.

    Col Davis

  • Over the past 12 years that I have been cleaning tanks, I have cleaned dozens of Coolamon Tanks. They are well built and I have not had to repair any of them.  Other tanks are roughly made in comparison and I have had to repair dozens of other tank builders tanks each year.  As an added bonus there is no algae to clean out of a Coolamon Tank unlike plastic tanks.

    Steve Millward

  • I just need to say that you are the best business I have ever dealt with for both your caring and your prompt customer service.

    Richard not only did you give up your valuable Sunday time to assist us in our need, but you refused to accept payment for the task and parts you supplied. I was happy to pay but now the only way I can show my gratitude for your excellent service is to write this email and offer you my sincere

    thank you to you and your family from the bottom of my heart. You are good people.

    Warm regards

    Jane & Trevor Butcher

  • Thankyou to both you and Richard & Co. for such a professional and painless experience.

    Love the new tank!

    Graham & Rebecca

  • Fantastic to watch – know their trade backwards.


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