Health reasons why you should choose an Inground Concrete Rainwater Tank over a Plastic Tank.

  •  Rainwater is naturally acidic and a healthy diet should be slightly alkaline. Rainwater stored in a plastic tank remains acidic.
  • On the other hand rainwater stored in a Concrete Tank which is naturally alkaline will neutralise the acidic rainwater.
  • Another harmful side effect as published by the ABC, is Copper Poisoning.  The following article explains how Copper Poisoning occurs due to acid rainwater stored in plastic tanks:
  • Copper poisoning linked to plastic water tanks” published 26/11/10 by the ABC.

  View Article on ABC

  • Heat and sunlight turn water off.  It promotes algae and bacteria growth which can cause ill health in many ways.  The water stored in a plastic tank will be affected by both sunlight and heat, also with the plumbing connection of an above ground plastic tank.  As the pipes are also in the sun with water left lying in the down pipes, sometime for weeks if there is no rainfall, this will promote algae growth the quickest.
  • The water in an Inground Concrete Tanks is kept cool and dark below ground and in our case in 125mm thick concrete walls, so no algae will grow.  Also the downpipes go straight down into the ground and all the plumbing is concealed underground. No water will be left sitting in pipes.

Some other good reasons why you should choose an Inground Concrete Tank over a Plastic Tank!


  • Our 90,000 litre tank is fantastic for washing our buses, as it leaves no streaking of spotting on our paintwork.  Water restrictions no longer effect our ability to clean our fleet and the best part is it’s free!

    Rex Williams

  • Richard turned up on the agreed start date, fully prepared with all OH&S systems in place.  Richard and his employees attitude to the job and others on site is excellent.  A job well done, on time and on budget.

    Col Davis

  • Thankyou to both you and Richard & Co. for such a professional and painless experience.

    Love the new tank!

    Graham & Rebecca

  • Thank you very much for the recent installation of our 20,000 litre in ground concrete water tank you built on site. It was a real pleasure to deal with you. Not only did you do what you said you would but you also did it in a friendly, professional, ethical and very efficient way. I was very impressed with your expertise and state of the art equipment which allowed you to construct a high quality tank in a relatively short time without fuss or disruption to the other construction works being carried out on site at the time. So thanks again and good luck in your business, but with over thirty years of plying your trade you probably don’t need luck.

    Peter & Krystyna

  • Over the past 12 years that I have been cleaning tanks, I have cleaned dozens of Coolamon Tanks. They are well built and I have not had to repair any of them.  Other tanks are roughly made in comparison and I have had to repair dozens of other tank builders tanks each year.  As an added bonus there is no algae to clean out of a Coolamon Tank unlike plastic tanks.

    Steve Millward

  • We recently contacted you and requested the design and engineering details of the

    two water tanks Coolamon built on our property in 1989 and 1991. Thank you for providing us with the relevant Engineer’s drawings and specification. lt is pleasing to know that we could still contact the company that built our water tanks over 20 years ago and source the information we needed.

    Mr Howe

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