All Coolamon Concrete Tanks are built to the highest specifications and are fully Engineer Designed. 

At the very minimum our Tanks are designed to comply with the relevant Australian Standards which include:

AS3600 – Concrete Structures, AS1379 – Ready Mixed Concrete, AS1302 – Deformed Bars,  AS1304 – Welded Fibre Fabric, AS3610 – Formwork for Concrete,

AS3735 – Concrete Structures Retaining Liquids

We have many different Tank designs from the basic passenger vehicle load, to a super heavy duty W8 (8 tonne per wheel) load.  We can have a Tank designed to meet any load requirements or specific uses.

Because of the proprietary information contained in our Engineer Drawings they are not published on this website, however, we are happy to supply our full Engineer Drawings upon request.

Below is a brief outline of a 20,000 litre, 30,000 litre, 45,000 litre and 90,000 litre Coolamon Concrete Tank.


Diameter: 3.8m height 2.27m

Materials Used: 32 mpa vibrated concrete, 125mm walls, F82 steel mesh in walls and floor and double layer of F82 steel mesh in lid, 1 x 225mm concrete filled pier supporting the lid (Engineered to carry vehicular load) wall and floor steel tied in with Y12 bar.



Diameter: 4.6M Height: 2.27M

Materials Used: 32mpa vibrated concrete, 100mm thick walls, F82 steel mesh in walls and floor and double layer of F82 in lid, 3 x 150mm concrete filled piers supporting lid (Engineered to carry vehicular load) wall and floor steel tied in with Y12 bar




Diameter: 7.75M Height: 2.27M

Materials Used: 32mpa vibrated concrete, 125mm thick walls, F82 steel mesh in floor and double
layer of F82 in lid, F818 used in walls, 6 x 150mm concrete filled piers (225mm piers used if vehicular load is required) wall and floor steel tied in with Y12 bar.

  • Richard turned up on the agreed start date, fully prepared with all OH&S systems in place.  Richard and his employees attitude to the job and others on site is excellent.  A job well done, on time and on budget.

    Col Davis

  • Our 90,000 litre tank is fantastic for washing our buses, as it leaves no streaking of spotting on our paintwork.  Water restrictions no longer effect our ability to clean our fleet and the best part is it’s free!

    Rex Williams

  • I just need to say that you are the best business I have ever dealt with for both your caring and your prompt customer service.

    Richard not only did you give up your valuable Sunday time to assist us in our need, but you refused to accept payment for the task and parts you supplied. I was happy to pay but now the only way I can show my gratitude for your excellent service is to write this email and offer you my sincere

    thank you to you and your family from the bottom of my heart. You are good people.

    Warm regards

    Jane & Trevor Butcher

  • Great approach to the job, excellent procedures in place for construction and the best OH&S system on this site.


  • Thank you very much for the recent installation of our 20,000 litre in ground concrete water tank you built on site. It was a real pleasure to deal with you. Not only did you do what you said you would but you also did it in a friendly, professional, ethical and very efficient way. I was very impressed with your expertise and state of the art equipment which allowed you to construct a high quality tank in a relatively short time without fuss or disruption to the other construction works being carried out on site at the time. So thanks again and good luck in your business, but with over thirty years of plying your trade you probably don’t need luck.

    Peter & Krystyna

  • I must say we have been very happy with the whole process from the quoting to the finalization of the tank – we do appreciate the wonderful service so thankyou to Richard.


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